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40 years ago I was given a camera for Christmas,  and I have never put the camera down.  I went on to receive a degree in photojournalism and photography. Creating images became my passion. Through the 40 years of being a photographer I have learned to always be true to the image I am creating,   keeping images simple, every image, whether still or cine should tell a story without explanation.  The current objective is to do that without gimmick or evolved cinematic tricks.   I strive to let my work help define still or cine photography by staying to the definition which is to paint with light.  One thing I keep close to my heart not to let technology drive the art but let the art choose the technology that would create the image.


What I bring to my clients is a simplicity,  Honesty to my subject and letting the visual image tell the story. 


I currently shoot Fashion and Portraits,  but as you can see I do a little of everything also.   The experience for my clients should be one of enjoyment and creativity.  A shoot should always the collaboration of all the people involved.