"Faces are the ledgers of our experience"

Richard Avedon

It was 40 years ago since my passion for photography started when I received a camera for Christmas and began capturing images. My interest did not stop there as I decided to pursue a degree in photojournalism and photography,  allowing me to not only capture an image but create one as well.

My journey in this has included many changes to my work but it ultimately led to a connection with photographing people.  It took time to finally realize what Richard Avedon was saying ,  and I measure my work and evolution to his famous quote.

This journey  has taught me to …..
Keep my work simple,  
Be true to the image I am creating,  
Remain focused on the image,  

Keep the image clean from distraction,
Let the image tell its own story.

The biggest lesson learned in this journey is to always stay true to the word photography , in still or cine,  which is basically painting with light.  Using light as the medium for creation allows me to bring an distinct  essence to each image without the use of a gimmick or evolved cinematic trick